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Inspiriting Fragrances made with Pure Ingredients and Good Intentions

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...Its power to transform a sense of self, trigger memories of people, time and place,
and how scents resonate differently for all of us.

Combining this love of perfume with my passion for natural, non-toxic products, I created Goddess Natural Perfume -
Pure Ingredients & Good Intentions.

Goddess Natural Perfume

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About Us

Goddess Natural Perfume is the result of a passion for nature and non-toxic products met with a burning desire for all women to truly know their worth. 

My name is Erin, and I love perfume's power to transform a sense of self and trigger memories of people, time and place. I also love creating perfume using safe and natural ingredients that benefit our health rather than compromise it. 

Goddess Natural Perfume really began four years ago when I detoxed my personal care and cleaning products while pregnant with my second child. It was difficult to find a natural perfume brand that resonated with me as a woman and as a consumer so I chose to go without wearing perfume for a long time. This led me to create a natural perfume for women of all ages, and a brand that promotes self-love, self-belief and compassion. Goddess Natural Perfume launched in January 2019.

The perfume is blended by hand in the beautiful Huon Valley, Tasmania, using 97% certified organic ingredients.

Our ethos reflect the values and qualities I believe are essential for all women to feel unapologetically free to be themselves, and my hope is that you will feel this way by exploring our brand and being part of our story.

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